Not everyone is an automatic voice over actor.  The Nash-Boyd voice talent team members demonstrate their talent with enthusiasm and poise.  

When Scripting, we use a checklist of items that contribute to our professionalism.

·         Understanding your audience – Develop your ability to sustain audience rapport and use the skills required to communicate in a memorable influential manner. Your audience will be judging you on how competently you deliver your message, not just on the message itself.

·         Confidence and delivery – You will learn simple and effective techniques to manage your state of mind and build your confidence when speaking in public.

·         Structuring your presentation – A good presentation needs to be memorable and meaningful, learning how to structure your presentation can achieve this.

·         Feedback –Becoming a master presenter is an ongoing learning process. The course has an effective system of feedback which will enable you to develop your current skills and practice your presentation techniques.

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